Some Christmas Ideas

Home baking is popular every festive season, but this year our seasonal dried fruit is flying out the door with Christmas baking more popular than ever. It’s great to see the tradition of Christmas cake and pudding making live on and the gift of home baked goods is really something special.

Our Christmas fruit usually sells out by early December and this year will be no exception! Call us or drop in with your recipe and we will weigh out your baking ingredients down to the ounce.

For the first time this year we are offering the ingredients of a 8” Christmas cake weighed out ready to go and a printed recipe presented in a lovely gift box (cake ribbon included!). This is a great gift and is perfect for a baker of any level.

From Dec 1st, we will also be offering our own home-made mince meat for homemade mince-pies! We will have a limited supply available so get your orders in early. Prepare your shortcrust pastry, spoon in your mince meat and you are ready to go! Tip: Add an egg and a few tablespoons of icing sugar to your pastry mix for extra rich and tasty pies!